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Exclusively upscale, highly private and selective Dreams Escort Service caters to the executive class man, women or couple who desire female escort companionship which stimulates their mind, soul and body. We are highly sensitive to your discretional needs as a private (public) figure who's highly respected persona which you have invested years can not afford any hint of impropriety. Your personal and very private entertainment needs are just that "personal" and at Dreams Harrisburg PA Escort Service we work tirelessly to keep it that way. To insure the integrity of our business and you're safety should you become a frequenter, all prospective clients are thoroughly vetted prior to any association. Thus, we can GUARANTEE the utmost in safety, security and discretion for all parties concerned.

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Dream's Pennsylvania Escort Service is only for those who need and demand complete Discretion and Confidentiality.

Dream's Escorts Service - Pennsylvania - Maryland Escort Service provides the Finest in Pennsylvania Escorts for the Client who wants the very BEST in very Discreet and Selective escort Companion services. Harrisburg PA Outcall services are available in York PA, Gettysburg, Shippensburg and Chambersburg PA Escorts.

Our special staff of Escort Companions are available for all types of Social and Private events and escorting services. Our Pennsylvania Eros escort beauties also travel throughout Pennsylvania - Maryland . Dream's Escorts Service - Strives to show our clients the highest levels of value added professionalism and service. Time spent with a Dreams companion is a good return on investment.

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Verifications makes complete sense of Pennsylvania Female Escort Services

by Lee — published on May 4th, 2007

Verifications make complete sense to me so I know what I am dealing with and I’m not trying to remember if this Pennsylvania escort service client has really seen one of our people or not. Let’s all not forget that you as clients do not have the same needs we do therefore; it may seem unreasonable for some of the information which we and other providers may request. I can’t speak fully for others in this business and yes to me this IS A BUSINESS, I’ve made assurances to my client base and my staff/personnel for their safety. There are conditions wherein I am not willing to do business simply because it puts you the client and our people at risk.

Think about it. Do you really want to entrust your safety to some less than intelligent independent, person or company who’s idea of verification is a caller ID check and two Harrisburg Escort provider recommendations ? This is assuming they even bother at all and not go by gut instinct over the phone. I won’t get into how we do our screening process but let’s just say we have considerably higher standards.

The problem with using PA Escort Providers who are TOO accessible is you expose yourself to undo risk. If they don’t care enough to take the time to safe guard themselves…. Do you really think they give a rat’s butt about you? Yes, life is a risk, but chances are you’re going to some PA Escorts woman’s house or apartment that anyone can just call up and see. Usually for providers it’s not your business life that gets you in trouble it’s your “personal” life. Well, if their mental decision making process or standards allow them to be available to any Tom, Dick or LEO, then what kind of decisions are they making in their personal lives? This being the case. Well, I hope you have an MD Escort attorney on retainer because statistically speaking you are going to need him sooner or later. Of course, if you’re really unlucky, you’ll also meet the local news crew during sweeps week of an election year.

Now, some of you Pennsylvania Hobbyist gentlemen feel that because your “high lord bubba” of Harrisburg Pennsylvania escort reviews that verification rules don’t apply to you. Well from where I sit, YES they do !!. I’m not just concerned about certain civil servants whom are merely doing their assigned jobs. I’m also on the look out for you morons with less than upstanding character. Having been in this business for a long time I’ve learned that you gentlemen who think you are an exception usually end up getting put on the no business ban list.

Why ?

Simple… you just can’t follow the rules long enough to subdue your own personal baggage and maintain the standard of behavior to stay a Dreams Client. I already know from day one who my target audience is and who is not. Sorry, but if you like to come home and kick the dog, then see providers with flexible morality (meaning you can buy $$ or entice them to make exceptions to their personal rules) or see whom you can stalk and manipulate then stay on CraigsList. After all most of the providers there are either too new, too dumb or too desperate to properly screen clients. All and all for you predatory types, a dream come true. This would also explain why our Civil Servant friends have been having a field day shooting fish in a barrel in many Jurisdictions. I can’t say I blame them who wouldn’t go for the easy out when it’s bottom of the 9th bases loaded with two outs. By the way if the latter comments have offended you and you’re suddenly complexing then Gee I guess it must apply to you huh ? Perhaps, you should take a moment and do some soul searching.

Here’s a simple fact my experience has shown me, PA Escort Service guys and guys who see Independents have different personalities and mind sets. Guys who tend to see Independent escorts don’t like to follow anyone else’s rules but their own and are usually looking for a moment wherein they can “get one over”. Escort Agency guys tend to be team players and follow the rules as long as the York Pennsylvania escort Agency delivers on what they promise. Well in my view the latter is healthy and reasonable and what I intend to do.

Now if your particular provider or Escort Agency are particularly trust worthy professionals then more power to them and it’s working for you. But if it’s not, then time to start asking yourself if your standards are set just a bit too low ?

After all let be candid, if you’re an agency guy.. you don’t seek the services of an Carlisle Pennsylvania Escort Agency for monogamy now do you ?

Life is a road so be good to your follow travelers and walk in peace gentlemen.

Lee ^

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